SlimLine Metal Doors


SlimLine Metal Doors

Metal framed windows and doors first appeared on the market in the late 1800’s and were the de facto standard in buildings for many years.

Hinged doors with slim metal profiles are becoming increasing popular for dividing hallways, entrances and work areas. Also ideally suited for kitchen and pantry doors or as a door separating your living area from your sleeping area. The hinged door fits into a narrow frame that is secured to the wall. 

The design of the door can be tailored to your preferred unique requirements.

Our doors are custom made to your opening dimensions – choose between a single door or double door or for larger openings you may wish to have a fixed panel to the side of the door.

While the standard colour of the profiles is black and the glass clear, other colours are available to suite your taste and personal style. 

An extensive range of architectural window films are available to allow you to create a degree of privacy or your own unique look. 

Choose between different handles, catches and locks that suits your requirements.

Toughened safety glass is fitted to all our doors, except where a higher degree of security is required – here we fit laminated safety glass.

Pivot door are similar to hinged doors except that they do not have frames and therefore have a sleeker appearance. The doors pivot on a top and bottom pivot and the doors can open in both directions. As with the hinged doors, fixed panels can be fitted to the sides of the pivot doors.

Sliding doors are an elegant way of creating a room divider to separate rooms. The sliding doors are supplied with a top track and hangers fitted to the top of the doors. Bottom guides ensure that the doors slide easily and smoothly.
Sliding doors can be combined with fixed panels to the sides of the sliding doors.

Sliding doors can also be used on a patio or verandah to provide a degree of protection against wind and weather. Note that the doors are not completely sealed and therefore are not designed to be the primary barrier for your home.

Folding doors can be used as an alternative to sliding doors where a larger opening is required. The doors can be folded and stacked to the side of the opening providing a larger access between the two areas. Sliding doors can be larger than folding doors and therefore you require more doors in the folding configuration than in the sliding configuration. 

Fixed panels can be fitted together with hinged, pivot and sliding doors. They can also be fitted on there own as screens between different areas or in showers. As with the doors, the standard colour of the profiles is black and the glass is clear but other colours are available.

Architectural window films are also available to allow you to create a degree of privacy or your own unique look.

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